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FUNNEL CAKE VENDOR TRAINING CLASSES AVAILABLE Vendor training is available covering mall and mobile locations. We offer in store training at our Gatlinburg, TN location only. The cost of the training is $500.00 which includes all materials used for the training session. You are welcome to bring one additional person with you. You are also invited to video or take pictures of anything that you feel will help you during the session. Normally it takes less than one day for folks to be comfortable that they have the knowledge they need from it. Frying funnel cakes isn't rocket science, that usually takes about 20 minutes to accomplish. The valuable part of the training session is the opportunity to have all your questions answered dealing with the entire scope of the business operations. As with any business, there are unique issues involved in operation of a funnel cake business at a fixed location such as a mall. The opportunity to learn from our overall experience in over two decades of operations is what you'll be impressed with. Everyone that has attended our training has told us it was the best investment they made because they had questions answered that they otherwise would have never thought of unless they were actually in the training with us. Once you have completed a training session, we're also available to help you as long as you need us in your planning and setting up your own business. The only other time we charge any fees for helping you is if you need us as a consultant to travel and work at your location. The charge for that is $500.00 per day, plus travel expenses. This is rarely needed since we can usually help you without actually having to travel to your location, but it's available if necessary. Just as any new business venture, it should include sound advance knowledge before you can successfully implement your plans. We are dedicated to helping folks acquire the knowledge needed to succeed in a funnel cake business with as little cost as possible. For training in our Gatlinburg location, please email us and we'll give you the contact phone number needed to arrange the session date. We'll also provide you with information on accommodations that are closest to our store if you need it. All training is done on an individual basis with never more than one party at a time scheduled, to make sure you have undivided attention during the entire session. McGhee Tyson Airport is the closest commercial airport. It's located about 50 miles away in Knoxville, TN. For private pilots wanting to fly in, the Gatlingurg-Pigeon Forge Airport is about 12 miles from our store. Rental car service is available at both airports. Mobile Operations For mobile operations training approved by The Funnel Cake Company, it is offered by  Traveling Treats in North Carolina. For more information about contacting them below. Since mobile operations are entirely different from a fixed location, They have made this service available to you at the same cost as the in store training. You will need to contact them directly to arrange this type training.
Traveling Treats Contact Doug or Yolanda  704-813-9499 or 704-550-7030 Email  They are located in Albemarle, NC and are available for events in the NC area. They operate as an exclusive Funnel Cake Company Vendor, so you can be assured they serve only the best products available on their menu. From "The World's Best Funnel Cakes" to our world famous fresh squeezed lemonade,  boiled peanuts and pre packaged ice cream other products, they are ALL simply the best available. They are also a mobile operations trainer for The Funnel Cake Company. If you need training in operating a mobile unit, we highly recommend you contact them for information on dates available for their training schedule.