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High Quality Photo Images Collection of high resolution funnel cake images. They include POWDERED SUGAR, SUGAR CINNAMON, SUGAR GLAZE, CINNAMON GLAZE, CARAMEL GLAZE, FRUIT TOPPING AND IF YOU NEED A SPECIAL PICTURE PLEASE EMAIL US WITH YOUR REQUEST... these images are sent to you by email. They can be seen on our home page in the slide show presentation.
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The Funnel Cake Company
You get the items pictured here INCLUDING the Starting a Funnel Cake Business Package CD-ROM that normally sells for $100.00 alone. This is a limited time offer at this price and may be discontinued at any time. Included is the fryer w/cover, tongs, strainer, powdered sugar shaker, stirring stick, turning stick, wire whisk, and three different measuring cups, (one each for water measuring, the dry mix, and to pour the cakes from) and the six quart mixing bowl that will allow you to mix up to one gallon of mix at a time, plus 2 5lb.bags of funnel cake mix.
You owe it to yourself and your customers to do the same exact tests we did in our Gatlinburg stores when we were developing this mix. Use any other mix you can get, prepare a cake from each. Then just set it down as a sample for folks to taste and don't tell them anything else. Simply ask them which tastes best. Then use that mix. If it's not ours, we lose. Pretty simple. It's as fair as any method we know of. And we always win..
The all new "Starting Your Own Funnel Cake Business" package CD has been completed and ready to ship immediately. If you are thinking about doing funnel cakes as either a part time business or a full time occupation, this package contains all the information you need to get started. It covers all areas of the funnel cake business from starting with an initial investment of under $500 to be able to make enough money in one day to pay for the investment, to a mobile unit, all the way to a mall location set- up.