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fund raising fund raising Doing It Yourself !   You'll be glad you discovered our mix for your fund raising events. Even using a simple table top set-up can make up to 800 dollars a night at local event. Our Starting a Funnel Cake Business Kit will make more money, faster, and easier than any other method available. If you've sold the ordinary items like hot dogs or other fast and easy items, wait until you try funnel cakes. There's no comparison to the profit that you'll make doing funnel cakes. Non Profit Fund raising doing funnel cakes for your event to make real money. Whether it's for a high school event or Church Fund Raising, this is the fun and profitable way to do it. Again, there's just no comparison to the profit you'll make on funnel cakes. Simple as that! Please allow at least a week before your event for delivery of mix if you order from us. If you will email us with the zip code where the mix is to be delivered, along with the number of cases you'll want shipped, we'll send you back the total amount of charges including shipping to your address before you order. Start - Up Kit
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The Funnel Cake Company
Start - Up Kit
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